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Funny Pet Names for Fish 2

Funny Pet Names for Fish

Movie, TV show, Cartoon or Book-Inspired Names

Famous movies such as Free Willy, Finding Nemo and Fish called Wanda can inspire you to name your fish, Willy, Nemo, Dory or Wanda. You can also name your fish based on the characters in cartoons featuring underwater creatures such as Spongebob Squarepants.
Examples of suitable names include Spongebob, Patrick (starfish), Mr Krabbs, Squidward or even Sandy (squirrel). Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid can lead you to names such as Ariel or Sebastian (the crab). You can also name your fish Dorothy, after Elmo's pet goldfish. But the most famous book-inspired name for your fish will have to be Moby Dick. If you have two fishes to name, you can name one Moby and the other Dick. If you don't like these names, you can name them after the author, Herman and Melville.

Behavior-related Names

The trick to naming your fish based on their behavior is to choose a behavior opposite to the behavior of your fish! For instance, you can name your small and timid guppy Jaws, Sharky or Piranha. You can also name your fish Fly. How many fish you know can do that? Or you can state the obvious such as Float for a fish name. However some behavior-related names lend itself quite well too. For example, you can name your Archerfish Squirt or your Pufferfish Puff. I know someone who has two Pufferfishes and named them Puff Daddy and Puffy the Vampire Slayer. She said it gave them character!

Food-inspired Names

There are many funny pet names for fish that is related to food. It is especially fun when you have to name two fishes. Some popular funny pet fish names include the famous Japanese food, Sushi and Sashimi. You can name them Fish and Chips or Ben and Jerry. What about Peanut and Butter? Or Catsnip and Tuna? If you' re tired of and hungry from thinking of food-related names, you can just call them Lunch and Dinner!

Clever Names

If you are a copyeditor, you will find selecting clever names for your fish a breeze. But here are some examples to start you off, even if you're not one. You can name your fish Stick. You get to
introduce your fish in this way, "This is my fish, Stick!" It works well with Stock too. You can also call your fish Small Fry or Bait. Or Alpha for your betta.

Human Names

You can also choose common human names for your fish, but it must be cleverly chosen to have a hilarious impact. You can name your Archerfish Archie, your Angelfish Angela or your Salmon Sally. You can name your goldfish Goldie or Goldwin. You can also name them Finnigan or Gillian in general.
Funny pet names for fish....

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